ICU Beds A fully functional facility on wheels

ICU Beds A fully functional facility on wheels

ICU Beds A fully functional facility on wheels

An ICU bed is a crucial part of an Intensive Care Unit, which is also known as a Critical Care Unit (CCU) or Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU). These specialized beds are the units that house critically ill patients until they safely cross the danger threshold.

An ICU bed is as essential as the other paraphernalia and life-supporting mechanisms used inside the ICU. These beds range from simple looking beds attached with wheels to hi-tech beds with exclusive features for offering support, care and healing.

Guidelines for ICU beds:

An ideal ICU bed is no less than a specialist healthcare equipment. These vary vastly from all the other beds used inside a hospital. These medical beds are generally made of antimicrobial material to ensure that the patient is safe from hazardous microbes. 

However, we, at Mahaveer surgical industries, state that there are three particular guidelines for the manufacture of ICU beds.

  1. Electrical features

Medical staff must be able to operate the bed with help of a remote or a control panel, rather than having to reset the position manually.

  1. Must allow Trendelenburg positioning features and cardiac chair positions.

These are important positions that support easy respiration and other bodily functions.

  1. Must have a pressure-relieving, soft, flexible mattress

These specialized beds must have appropriate measurements to fit foam or air mattresses that will make it comfortable for bed-ridden patients.

Add Your Head Features and functions of ICU beds

ICU beds must have special features and functions that are significant in a critical care setup. ICU bed manufacturers state that most healthcare facilities are keen on providing beds custom made specifically for ICUs.

These specialized beds currently used in a standard healthcare facility have the following features to serve specific functions.

CPR Release - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Release is a highly essential feature that most medical staff and experts look for in an ICU bed. When there’s an emergency, the CPR Release allows medical staff to flatten the bed and perform CPR on the patient immediately.

Intravenous Poles with multiple hooks:

A bed that comes with an Intravenous pole with multiple hooks comes to the help of patients who require multiple intravenous supplies simultaneously. An intravenous pole attached to this medical bed makes it easy to wheel the person in an emergency, without having to move two separate pieces of equipment. It also minimizes the risk of damage to the intravenous line and supply

Medical staff controls

Patients in an ICU are ideally not in a physical state to help themselves. When handling such critically ill patients, the nurses and ICU staff require convenient options to control the bed without requiring an additional pair of hands. This is mainly why electrical controls are attached to the side of the bed. These beds come with a best in function handset or nursing remote controls attached to the side of the headboard.

The benefits of such controls include

  • Protection of vulnerable, bed-ridden, comatose patients from accidents.
  • The controls are best in function, so the medical staff can easily locate them in an emergency.

Detachable head and footboards

These ICU Beds attached with removable head and footboards serve two main purposes

  • A detachable headboard can easily be removed during an emergency that requires the doctor to stand behind the head, as in the case of intubation.
  • It is very easy to put a patient in a prone position with his face down on the mattress. 

X-ray units Another feature of the ICU bed is the attached X-ray unit that simplifies the task of taking quick x-rays without having to move the patient to the x-ray room, which may cause unnecessary problems.

These are taller and extend on either side throughout the bed’s length.

Automatic weighing machines ICU beds come with automatic weighing machines that can easily weigh the patient lying on the bed.

We, at Mahaveer surgical industries, are the esteemed ICU bed manufacturers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, supplying beds of the best quality.

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