OT Table Accessories The Lifeline of a Surgical Procedure

OT Table Accessories The Lifeline of a Surgical Procedure

OT Table Accessories The Lifeline of a Surgical Procedure

The operating table support system, i.e. OT table accessories complements the equipment in a variety of surgical procedures. These are the lifeline of a surgical task. Just the adding of accessories in a surgical table facilitates the conduct of specialized procedures. This support system as a whole is designed by manufacturers keeping in mind the safety and easy fixing factor. Most of these accessories are ergonomically designed, ensuring safety and comfort of the patient and facilitating a smooth surgical process.

Standard OT table accessories include arm rest, shoulder support, anaesthetic screen, clamps, leg support, mattress, and more. An arm rest is generally padded and comes with clamps and a strap. It can be adjusted according to height and angle for any particular surgical task. It is easy to fix and operate; the positioning control is an advantage. Sophisticated arm rests come with easy arm positioning for surgeries pertaining to shoulder, elbow, etc. Shoulder support helps positioning of patients during complex surgical procedures. It provides the surgeon easy access of the site and adds to the comfortability of the patient. It generally comes with adjustable height.

During a surgical procedure, anesthesiologists monitor the vital signs of the patient during surgery. In the unconscious stage due to anesthetic effect, good functioning of the heart, lungs, and all vital organs is a must. Anaesthetic screen helps block the anesthesia field from the patient’s line of sight thus preventing the patient’s distraction and anxiety. It also trims down the risk of contamination. This OT table accessory is also used for other related purposes during a surgical procedure such as suspension of a sheet anywhere along the length of a patient’s body through its adjustable frame.

In the list of standard OT table accessories, clamps facilitate surgeons to attach required surgical accessories to the operating table side rail easily. These are available in various types to fit different accessories. A surgical procedure can be made easier with the right choice of clamps. They differ in size and their use depends on the measurements of the side railings of surgical tables. Leg support and mattress are two other standard accessories that are part of the OT table.

More optional OT table accessories include split leg section, width extension, arthroscopy attachment, restraint body strap, cushion spine frame, arm traction device, gynae tray, horse shoe, knee support, fixator for sitting position, hand surgery table, bolster pillow, instrument tray, foot support, laminectomy frame, humerus support, table length extension, steinmann pin clamp holder, wristlet, x-ray top, arthroscopy attachment, accessories stand, and the list goes on. 

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